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How Our Big Data Driven 360° Digital Marketing Mix Works?

"It's beyond marketing, it's a science of knowing your customer, earning their trust and retaining it." ~ Thando Vuzane [Founder & Managing Director]

Big Data Driven 360° Digital Marketing Mix

360° Digital Marketing

We make your brand grow in the hearts of consumers through smart (informed) digital strategy & customer experience orientated execution.

Business Intelligence

We enable brands to understand their market & consumers thoroughly in order to achieve advanced market targeting, consumer segmentation, and brand positioning.

Cross-Platform Development

Let our agile creative team take your brand to the next level with ground-breaking design and development. Nothing is impossible!

So How Do We Pull-Off The Magic You Ask?

We listen, we discuss, we research, we advise and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.

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So What Exactly is Big Data?

Is it the Goliath of Information?

Information captured and shared all over the world which comes in large volumes, in-realtime and high speed (velocity), from a variety of sources in a variety of forms (unstructured & structured) enabling companies to create more business & marketing insights. The below infographic by ALC better explains the concept.

The Evolution of Big Data by ALC
Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

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